Isabel Tertulian wasn't born a normal girl, in fact, she wasn't born at all, Sixteen years ago a scientist who she knows as "Dad", created her for the happiness of his wife. His wife had many miscarriges in the past. So he drew blood from her and himself and threw many test, he finally got it right. A regular baby was born, with ten toes and ten fingers. But soon after, the baby stopped eating, it started losing weight, and it was dying. So one of the scientist closes friends gave his blood, so the infant can stay alive, but it wasn't ordinary blood. later in the months, the baby started gaining back weight and eating again. But as she got older, strange things started happening. She could do simple division problems from the back of her hand, and the age of four. She could spell three years above her reading level at the age of nine, and she was smarter than most adults at the age of thirteen. The years flow by and Lyra started being more active, from doing science experiment with her dad to cooking with her mom, on her free time. But she starts noticeing some weird things about her body and true abilities, some which she cannot understand.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Hybrid"
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Scientist, Paranormal Romance
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I love the start but u should write more, please

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