Blood Wars

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Blood Wars
Jaide is back! She ran from the man that tore out her heart, and now he's tracked her down. Everything she wanted nothing to do with has caught up to her. Now not only does she have to worry about saving her race but for some unknown reason she must save the man she still loves as well. Some new friends have been gained but she mourns the ones she's lost. Things become more complicated, as new characters join the fight, but maybe she has more resources than she thought. And maybe the long ago past can be used to her advantage.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Bloodlines"
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2,99 US$
Blood Wars
Born, Bitten, Vampire, War, Love, Hate, Grief
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Please write more ..... its an amazing book. ..and u r and amazing writer. ...please update soon

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