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My name is Zahara. I'm looking for a good relationship with you and I have something very important to discuss with you, please contact me here, then I can tell you more about myself, for me to send you my pictures ok, reply me through my private mail box (

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Linda Lee

Although it was written in 2013, which is also your first novel, I do find your talent in writing novels.
I really love your style in New Life, no matter from the love story of Ian and Mia, I love your language when plotting some subtle emotional changes, and bed scenes are beautiful, breakup and reveals are ably plotted.

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Michaela dodsworth

Love New Life please update it I want to find out what happens to baby James, Ian and Mia! Please. Started reading Mine now.

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Cherry Sweet

PLEASE complete Mine!!!! show some mercy on us !!??? PLS.......... PLS............PLS..........PLS

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write another book about how mia's life is with ian as parents and after they get married and have kids I love your book New Life

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thats a good Idea!

Cherry Sweet

I also agree with ur idea... Such a brilliant one !!!!!


Same more of that book. Agree With Kristina

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Lela Lane

I love your book mine if only some of the stuff in the books could happen in rel life. #truelove.

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