The block

The block
A short general story on writer's block, on going through it, getting over it, and going through it again. For all of us whom have been there.

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Oh my goodness! This is awesome! I can understand the pain you explained through your character ;) Amazing!

I do have some critiques, however:

You messed up some spelling, but only little bits.

And you should probably make the paragraphs more defined, as I always say ;)

There are several sentences that could have been better, but I overlooked them as the story was so cute and I could totally understand what was going on.
I smiled... mehr anzeigen

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Dieser Kommentar wurde gelöscht.
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am using notepad instead of word, so that may be why the spelling errors and the odd formatting. My computer currently does not allow access to word for some odd reason.

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That was cute. :) I love how you start it out, describing the boy and his modesty. The formatting is slightly strange, though. Is it purposeful that you have it broken into two-line segments? Other than that and a few typos, I liked it. I can definitely relate. Good luck in the contest!

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