The Danish Christmas Cookbook

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The Danish Christmas Cookbook

Christmas is a popular holiday in Denmark.


Many aspects of the Danish Christmas are similar to other nations’ celebrations and particularly those of other northern European nations. Denmark has Santa Claus in the guise of Julemanden – The Christmas Man and Christmas trees. The main Christmas dinner and gift giving is on Christmas Eve – December 24th. Denmark’s Nordic cold climate, love of cosiness and stylish Scandinavian design creates a traditional festive atmosphere.


Denmark has some special traditions and Christmas foods of its own. For example Christmas Lunches are held by friends, families, schools and clubs where food and drink is consumed all day.


Danish Christmas food consists of hearty dishes such as roast duck, crispy roast pork, numerous pickled herring dishes, fried sausages and meatballs, vegetable dishes such as potatoes with sugar and many wonderful cookies and desserts.


Find out more about Danish Christmas food and traditions in this book.

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