To Taste the Fruit

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To Taste the Fruit
Noel is a goody two shoes; the kind of girl that's so smart she makes Einstein look dumb, and is absolutely clueless about love. Her perfect, organized world is suddenly thrown into chaos as the boy of her nightmares, Kai, returns, and turns his deadly, seductive attention on her best friend Ana. He will stop at nothing to get her and take away almost everything Noel holds dear. Noel is determined to resist him, to fight him every step of the way. However, love does exactly what it pleases, and not everything works out the way she wanted it to...

love, romance, teen fiction, humor
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Chapter 4 is up!

You don't want to miss this one;)

Hope you enjoy!

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Yeah! but i wanna read more....plz update soon :)


yes, please update!

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I like this book.. But from the earlier comments, it seems u have forgot to either write or update...

Please update soon

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Lmao!! Awsome i hope for an update it was awsome i cant wait to read wat comes next

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Hey! When will you update this one? I am dying to know what happens next.... please update it ASAP!!

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