What Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman

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What Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman
Things I said to my wife when she was pregnant (and lived to tell about it!).

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Sabine Wolf

My pregnancies are way in the past, but I can only advise all soon-to-be-dads to read this, keep it in mind and remember that your wives are not doing any of that on purpose, the hormones take over...
If you surived the pregnancy it gets worse, because someone screems several times in the middle of the night an wants to be fed
20 years later all of that are nice memories....

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haha..I was sitting at the college library while reading this..(had everyone starin at me)..baowling my head off<ow my stomach hurts..haha<3

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Also I'm a female so I will definitely make use of the info against my husbad(that I don't have). I'm keepin this book for a LLooong time Thank you very much.

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tht was really good, i enjoyed tht :) now iv nver had a kid nor am i planin 1 soon, but thanks 4 the heads up. n if my husband ever says any if tht crap 2 me i might just,...uno, wer did i put my crowbar? LoL but seriously good, n congrats in ur son,im only 5 years late..but the thought counts :D

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SO funny! I love it and its all so true!
Please please give me more to read like this!

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